Tips For Bar Exam Success

08 Sep


Have you noticed how some just seem to breeze into the bar exams and succeed with one take, but others cannot get past? If you are expecting to take this exam anytime soon, you might be wondering how you yourself might do when your turn comes along. The bar is a grueling examination and not everyone can make it through---something which you are probably worrying about right now. No one has ever said this exam is an easy one to pass, however, many who have had the same worries as you have gone on to succeed and build their law practice after. The following is a guide that can help you in your preparation for hurdling the challenge you face.

Review the list closely as it is intended to guide you as you prepare for that challenging moment in taking the bar:

(1) Keep your eyes on the prize. If you want to succeed in the bar, you have to make it your sole purpose in life during the review period to think only of getting yourself prepared for it, as many others who have come before you have found it no easy task. This means that, while preparing and studying for it, they have had to set aside everything else in order to give their bar review their full and undivided attention.

If you have a job, you need to take a leave of absence from it and free yourself from the distractions it will surely create. If it is not possible to at least take a leave, then consider doing just part time work for the time being. Readjust your daily activities to give more time to learn what you need to succeed. In order for them to actively help you achieve your plan, talk over with your family and friends, even co-workers, how they can help you take time off for studying without having to worry about anything else meantime. Know more about bar exams at

A great number of bar passers have attributed their success to the significant time they were able to pursue their review material study. This means that, if you want to make it, you need to make the same considerations.

(2) Create your personalized plan of study and review. Allow yourself enough time to cover the material you need to finish reviewing. Planning it and plotting your schedule will help you to see exactly how much time you have to put aside for every topic to cover and helps avoid the fear and worry that cramming usually brings with it. You do not study overnight for the bar. Make a list of what needs to be covered. Decide on how you want the flow of your study and assign time for each material over the period of your review. Be sure to read more here!

Plot your schedule throughout the review period, making sure everything is covered and planned out well.

Your schedule needs to consider the place you will study in, whether it is somewhere devoid of noise. Others like some background music. We each have our own circumstances by which we can effectively study, so keep this in mind. Pick that environment that makes it easier for you to do what you need.

(3) Factor in break time. Breaks are essential in effectively studying for the bar exam because the material needed to study can be exhausting, and your brain definitely needs to rest a bit in between. Let your brain recharge before you get back into your review.

This is something that you have to balance delicately, especially if you are a parent. Some take a break from study in order to take care of their children and their children’s needs, but this should not be. If this is the case with you, you need to plan for this beforehand and have someone else take care of that, because a break is supposed to be an opportunity to be stress free. To be able to give time for family, do factor in a day without study and spend it with your kids or your family, maybe some quiet time with them, perhaps a movie night.

(4) Physical exercise must be part of your schedule. Some think that physical exertion will make them too tired to study and leave off exercise during review periods. This is actually not true; on the other hand, exercise is very helpful for those who are trying to study a whole lot of material, as the physical exertion exhilarates and refreshes the brain, increasing blood flow toward it, therefore helping in the study process by making it work quicker. Whenever the body is exercised, the brain is allowed to organize itself and to absorb what it has studied, a crucial step before taking on some more material. Start now!

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